Do’s and Don’ts of Google My Business

Google My Business

We all are familiar with Google My Business Aka Local Google Business Listings. If you own a business and you are not using this platform you’re missing out much more than what you think. Planning to have a party this weekend or looking for a dry cleaner?? Then just simply Google it! The technology is becoming smart and your customer is smarter. Whether through search results or a map query, over 5 billion searches are made through Google on a daily basis. Just a small effort to brand your business on this platform provides a plethora of valuable information to potential customers improving your business visibility.

Though GMB has its own flaws like other online tools. It’s become more important to get a full picture of it otherwise you end up tearing your hair out.

DO’S with Google My Business-

Show Up In Google Map Searches

While searching for any outlet, customers take into consideration the nearness or proximity of their location. Google Maps help the customers to locate business nearby by indicating them with dozen of red markers each which match their search criteria. So, make sure you enter the correct info and don’t forget to add the keyword in your title.

Book an Appointment

If you are in a business that accepts appointments like pet grooming or haircuts then Google My Business comes with this handy feature of booking your appointments without leaving SERP. A searcher only needs to click on a given URL, and they will be redirected to the section of your website that manages your calendar.

Communicate With customers

Building trust in customers online is not easy. You need to maintain contact with your potential customers and this can be easily done through the Google Hangout feature, with this you not only get a chance to solve their queries but also at the same time can promote your promotions and special offers.

Hosting a hangout is very easy, it just needs to navigate the bottom of your GMB dashboard and click on join a hangout for it. It includes messaging, chats, and VOIP features. So this helps to remain in contact with your customers and attract more traffic for your business.

Collect online reviews  

The first thing that customer see while visiting your GMB page are the reviews. Apart from photos and other criteria, the reviews create first impressions. No matter if it is a good review or bad, responding back to them creates trust and influence your customers. By this, you get an idea about what can be done in a better or new way. When you are delivering promising products and quality experience, over time, you will start collecting more reviews and a better rating.

Incentivize customers to share photos

Initiate customers to take pictures of the product and of the experience they acquired. This will be added in My Business photo collection. Notice that people can come up with bad quality products or bad reviews as well!

Social Media Links

As we already know how much power social media is for reaching potential customers so Google began incorporating social media signals into rankings. The idea is to connect your GMB listing with social links like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. By this searchers get to know more about your business and you can establish your brand online.

DONT’S with Google My Business-

Ignoring or arguing with customers

Try to answer every review, even small thanks will work. For negative reviews try to turn them into happy customers by offering something in addition or at a discounted price. This gives a feeling that you care for your customers and in no chance want them to leave unsatisfied. This helps in building trust among other customers as well.

Posting Low Quality or Fake Images

Never underestimate how much power the images can be in enticing your customers and to make them remain on your page for an extra minute. Don’t put images from other sites you may get into copyright issues.

Duplicate Listing

Duplicate Listing is against Google’s terms of service and showing up twice in local search becomes confusing and frustrating for searchers too.

Most of the time when a business opens to a new location or move to some new place they try to make a new page but it should not be like this, instead update the listing you already have. If you have a duplicate listing created by the same email address remove or report them.


Google My Business is a wonderful resource to connect your business with customers. Make sure you make you’re listing the most accurate, informative, and wholesome way possible. If you have a multi-location business up and down the country. Then seek some experienced hands to arrange this for you.