Google My Business Listing Hacks

Google My Business Listing

Google My Business Listing Hacks

Knowing about the fundamentals of making your business LIVE through GMB is good; but to be ahead of your competitors, it is important to know and try on some amazing hacks. There are plenty of features that can be used to encourage users to get in touch and convert right from the listing itself.

Hack#1: Make use of Call Now Button-

These days, people don’t have much time. Make sure you help them to save their time by giving information as quick and easy as possible. This can be done by adding Call Now button so the searcher can directly contact you by just clicking the button which hyperlinks to your primary phone number. The additional benefit is when anyone makes a use of this feature; they are prompted to leave a review for your business.

Hack#2: Choosing a precise location and category-

Put enough stress in entering the correct category since it will help in matching your business category with people search criteria. If you want to appear in local search queries, it is preferable to show Google that you own a local business. A great way is to create localized content and get reviewed by local customers.

Hack #3: Find competitors categories-

You can add your business listing in multiple categories but remember that the page will show the the primary category entered. So before choosing the category, it is better to search about categories your competitors are using. Then put your business in the best and most searched one.

Hack #4: Make your presence on Social Media-

Just little time and creativity, Facebook and other social media platforms are increasingly used to acquire customers. A great and painless way is to make a Facebook page of your business, this gives a chance to customers to know about your services and give reviews. It acts as another free directory for your business. Get your business listed on more free directories. The greater the presence is more reputable the business is.

Hack #5: Build Online Review and Rating-

If you get it right, it can do wonders to your ranking. As per research of Michael Luca, found that 1-star improvement on Yelp translated to anywhere from 5 to 9 per cent swing on revenues. Those Golden stars will help you to increase your Click-Through-Rates.

Hack #6: Add Attributes-

As per another update for GMB listing you can add attributes to your pages. It all depends on what products and services you are offering to your customers. There are two types of attributes the objective ones are actual facts and tangible services given by you like free Wi-Fi, baby changing facilities, wheelchair access. The other is subjective attributes which can only be added by customers like “Good for kids” when giving their review. If they are mentioned frequently by customers Google will automatically add them in your listing. It gives publicity to your business and highlights the services you provide, keeping you ahead in your competitors.

Hack #7: GMB Offer/What’s new Posts:

The offers whether it is a big steals of the week or stock clearance, making it appear on listing can inform all your present and potential customers about them. To optimize you can add a photo or a video, a coupon code and link to product and services on offer. Don’t forget to add updates to keep your customers informative and engaging.

Hack #8: Google My Business Carousel Ads

Through GMB App you can employ carousel ads displayed across the searches on desktop as well as mobile devices. You can categorize your post as an offer and up to 10 different offers you can add them to carousel ads. Add best pictures, title, description, coupon code, website link to make them more engaging and attractive.

Wrapping It Up!

Most of the small business owners do not have the luxury to own theirs in house marketing team or marketing consultant. List your business on GMB, the investment is free with a little bit of time spent, it makes it worthwhile as if your business doesn’t have visibility online in today’s market it is near to non-existence.