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Google My Business 2.0

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About this course

Having a business in today’s world is a challenge, as you would be always facing a lot of competitors. It is always a great thing to find ways to stand out, and optimizing your Google My Business account would do just that. Through this tool, you would be able give your business the visibility it needs, and help potential customers find you.

Google My Business can improve your business’ visibility through local SEO, give you opportunities to connect with new audiences, and help you understand online customer behavior surrounding your business. While there is a degree of time and effort involved in maintaining your listing, the benefits of Google My Business far outweigh the investment required to get started.

So is Google My Business right for your business? Definitely and here's proof. So get going with updating your GMB listing and ready to roll in leads and profits by following these best practices.

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Course Structure

12 Chapters


Chapter 2: Importance of Business Listings 4 Lessons

Chapter 5: Tips To Improve Google Places Page Ranking 4 Lessons

Chapter 9: How Can Restaurants Use Google My Business For Menu Listing & Local Posts 3 Lessons