Tips to Master the Google Display Network

Google Display Network

When we talk about acquiring new customers, Google Display Network is the most underrated weapon in the digital marketing battlefield. But that’s not true, Google Display networks can do wonders for your online marketing campaigns if used perfectly. Want to know how…Keep reading!

What is the Google Display Network?

Google Adwords is a component of two networks, the Search Network and the Display Network. If you are using a search engine for your marketing, then you will be placing your ads in text format in search engine results. Whereas in Display Networks, marketers are using display ads that have been placed on a huge network of sites across the web.

So, the Display ads are the banner advertisement you usually see on the various ad-supporting websites or webpages. The latest statistics released from Google claimed that Google Display Network is reaching more than 90% of the total internet users worldwide, expanding across 2 million websites.

It is more of a passive form of advertising. You must have noticed small block or banners promoting something – above, within, at the bottom or sometimes to the side of the blog content you are reading. Those are the display ads.

The thing is users on GDN is not necessarily looking to purchase anything, it could be they are going through their daily routine like reading the news or watching the latest post from their favorite blogger.

And that’s why many people believe that this form of advertising doesn’t work so well. And that’s where they are wrong. The GDN can do wonders for your marketing but you need to make sure you are not wandering in the dark. Here are the tips that help you master the GDN effectively.

Tips to Help You Master the Google Display Network:

#1 Begin with Remarketing: It has been agreed by many experts, the when you are dealing with GDN, the fastest way to receive results are through remarketing. It is basically a process in which you kind of follow you past site visitors with the use of cookies, by showcasing them ads on various websites they visit. It may sound annoying but it works because the people you are remarketing to have already shown interest in your business by visiting your site in the past.

#2 Keep the Budget in Mind: You need to be extra careful with your budget while dealing with GDN. Keep that in mind that is such a vast platform that reaches more than 90% of the web users. It is recommended that you should start with a small budget that you feel comfortable testing with.

For example, if you have a great list of managed placements, it is advisable to spend more of your money to that campaign and separate all other placements into their own ad groups. So that you’ll be able to spend more money into the ad groups that contain the placement with best returns. Once you are ready with your campaigns and started seeing ROI, the next step is to feed more money into it.

#3 Create Ads in Every Available Format: Many people think it is a complete waste of time to create advertisements in many formats when the banner ads are going to outperform all the text ads.

But experts suggest doing that. The reason behind that is some websites only support only one particular format for ads. Some site placements are only going to support text format ads, and you don’t know the potential of that site. So just create it and make that decision later.

#4 Set a Testing Budget as Well: GDN is really vast and Google keeps on introducing new tools and features to increase your exposure. So if you are not testing these new methods for your marketing, you could be leaving a huge sum of money on the table.

Therefore once your purpose is fulfilled, it is recommended to use some budget for testing as well. Usually, experts suggest using 10-20% of your budget for testing. Remember, in order to maximize your results, you need to experiment with different methods and decide which one works for you best in terms of ROI.

#5 Build Simple and Visually Appealing Ads: It’s no secret that we are driven towards visuals than plain old text. Experts suggest that ads should be simple, flashy, appealing, and easy to read. A banner ad with a clear ‘Download Now’ or ‘Buy Now’ button and a direct link to the offers page will be much more effective than text ads.

Like we mentioned earlier, using Google Display Network with tested and proven strategies will surely maximize your ROI. Follow these tips and you will surely see a difference in your revenues shortly.