Tricks to Rank Your Google Listing In Another City

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How to Rank Your Google Listing in Cities Where You Don’t Have an Address??

Want to rank your business or service area in neighboring cities as well? Or want to serve clients in surrounding cities? Now it is not necessary to have a physical store to show your business in the searched city. The Google ranking algorithm is focused on supplying searchers with proximity-based search results. Though it’s not easy there are certain tips and tricks help you to rank high in cities other than the one contained in the company’s address.

Create City Pages

A city page is not a new strategy but many people are not aware or are executed poorly by some business expert or consultant, it is just like any other location landing page except they don’t mention the physical address in the desired ranking city. Create a well-planned and informative city page.

Use Geo-Targeting

It is a method to target results based on location. All your content, picture, and everything must be tagged with the city that you are looking to target. For example when you upload a picture tagging as “plumber in Las Vegas” it is a geo-targeted keyword. But don’t over and over mention it in about section, it may be frustrating and take not so many but few targeted cities.

Think Outside Service Area

While setting the service area in the dashboard there are two options given either set distance from one location which sets your area with a specified distance from your location. This is using the circle radius to set location, using this you are spreading yourself too thin, particularly as the radius gets bigger.

The other option is to submit the list of areas served that are zip codes or cities which is a much-targeted option. This will focus specifically on areas listed within the circle and hence improve your ability to rank. But notice there may be only 15 competitors when we talk about 10-mile radius and there could be 100 competitors once you go 50 miles out which means it will be much harder to rank.


Get a Real Mailing Address

The other way is to get an address where you can receive mail in the city that you want to rank in. Add this mail to your Google My Business listing but you can hide the physical address from the public. You can either use some of your relatives or rented a location. Make sure you are able to receive the verification postcard at that location.

You can’t use P.O Boxes or Rented Mail Box or the like. Google will find it out and suspend your listing.



People can only buy from you if they can find you. Make everything easy from calling and getting information to looking up driving directions. There is a great way to reach out to customers in neighboring cities without having to invest any marketing dollars on advertising. Ranking outside the city that you are located in is not easy but not impossible though. It will take time and patience but a great investment to create your presence in the digital future.