Google My Business Post Tips to Capture Visitors’ Attention

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One of the most powerful ways to enhance your search engine rankings and business exposure is to claim and optimize your Google My Business listing. Even though optimizing your GMB listing doesn’t guarantee improved Google search result ranking, authenticated SEO sources claimed that Google My Business listing plays an important part in local search rankings.  And not only have your GMB listing will help with your local search rankings, but it also helped you to reach potential customers online.

GMB has been around for a while now and Google is constantly adding new features to make your local business listing more thriving. These extended features will enable you to attract more customers towards your business by adding additional details for your business. This also helps your potential customers to better understand the services you are offering.

The recent upgrade introduced by Google My Business is known as ‘Post’.  The incredible thing about Google Posts is that when a potential client scans for a specific business on Google, the Post appears upfront in the business’ Knowledge Panel. And when the user clicks on it, it will expand into an attention-grabbing ad-like box that provides additional details to the user in order to convert them into your potential customers.

The GMB post can be made by including images, copy, a CTA (Call To Action) button and your website or landing page’s URL to redirect the users directly to your sites.  Though the GMB post possesses a word limit of about 300 words but in business’ Knowledge Panel only about 100 (or fewer) words appear.

Well, there are few things to keep in mind while working on your GMB post in order to capture your visitor’s attention. Remember, you don’t get so many words or space; you need to be careful and use all you got wisely. Here we are listing down a few GMB post tips to help you revitalize your post for potential customers.

Google My Business(GMB) Post Tips:

  • Try to stick with only 80-100 words per Post even though you have got a word-limit of about 300 words. The reason behind this is, different devices possess different display-abilities and in some devices, not all characters will be visible or the number of characters visible varies in different devices. That happens mostly in case of mobile and desktop devices.
  • Following SEO best practices make sure to put keywords and the most important message towards the front of the paragraph of your Post.
  • The best image size for your Google Post is 750 x 750 and the image should be centered so that it will still look good if it gets cropped. Don’t upload an image that’s smaller than 250 x 250 — it won’t be accepted. Be sure to preview the post before publishing. If you are not happy with the way your image looks, try uploading a 400 x 300 image.
  • If your image has text on it, keep in mind that the text may get cut off on mobile devices. When possible it’s best to just stick with an image with no text on it.
  • Remember, a Post is your opportunity to talk directly to your customers, so speak semantically and use a “real-world” conversational tone in your copy.
  • Make sure the landing page you send visitors to matches the content of the Post and meet a visitor’s expectations.

Your GMB post is your door to reach and establish a long-term relationship with local potential customers. Don’t blow this chance away. Optimize your GMB post and boost your revenues to unexplainable heights.